Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tables at the festival

We have been getting lots of questions about tables at the festival. Here is what we can tell you so far.

We need to measure the room one more time but it appears that we will have approximately 40x 8 foot tables in the room. The rates will be very reasonable and will be announced when we open registrations in January.

We will be offering half and full tables. If you only need a half table you can pay for it and we will pair you up with another creator who also needs just a half table. This will allow more creators an opportunity to attend.

If people are organized enough to get together and share a table that will not be a problem, but there may be a limit to the number of people at any one table.

Please e-mail with any questions or feel free to post in the comments section. Thanks!


Chuck McBuck said...

I'm really excited for this show! Thanks for creating it!

Sam Gas Can said...

Portland is only two hours from my house! Plus, I love it!

Cavities Comix said...

What are table sizes and prices? How many people do you expect to table and how many to visit (spend). Also is it free admittance? Sorry if these were answered earlier.

Maine Comics Arts Festival said...

Full tables are 8 feet, half are 4 feet. Prices will be announced when we open registration in January but will be very reasonable.

There may be a small admission cost to be determined but nothing excessive ($5 or less, under 12 free). There will be 40 tables, but if we split some as half tables it is not unreasonable to expect up to 50-60 different creators.

We have had a strong response already and we expect that we will sell out of tables long before the event.

Attendance would only be a guess. We will be doing many things to raise awareness. If the attending creators also create a "buzz" with their fans we should be all set.