Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guest list update

Here is the beginning of our guest list. Check back for more updates.

Atomic Pulp: Christopher Mills is the writer of Femme Noir from Ape Entertainment and Kolchak from Moonstone Books.

Joe Staton is a veteran comics artist whose credits include virtually every major character from DC and Marvel Comics.

Marek Bennett: Marek is the Xeric Award winning creator of Mimi's Donuts.

Ben Bishop: Ben is the creator of the graphic novel Nathan the Caveman.

Boston Comics Roundtable: A collective of comics creators from the Boston area. Their members published Inbound, an anthology of original comics. Their Spring '09 Love and Romance issue will be out in time for the festival.

Corbett Features: Barry Corbett and Brian Codagnone are equal partners at Corbett Featurs. Barry is a panel cartoonist and the creator of the comic strip Ginger & Shadow. Brian Produces two comic strips, Misfits and S1019 and writes a humor cloumn. They have published 3 trade paperbacks; Hey America! It's Misfits Time by Brian, Embrace the Pun!, a collection of pun-based panel cartoons by Barry, and Kitty Nirvana, a collection of Barry's comic strips. Nirvana won a Silver Medal at the 2008 Ippy Awards.

Sam Costello: Sam Costello is a writer based in Providence, Rhode Island. He writes the webcomic Split Lip, which the Horror Blog called "the predominant original horror comic work on the internet". His comics have also appeared in Cthulhu Tales and Negative Burn.

Dandelion Studios:Gynn Stella Silva

Originally from New Hampshire, Gynn received her degree from Massachusetts College of Art with a major in filmmaking. She currently lives and works on Cape Cod with her husband, Rick Silva. Together they make up Dandelion Studios, a small press comic book company. Gynn does all of the artwork for their comic Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire as well as for her minicomics and her upcoming graphic novel, Knifeclaw Company. Her artwork has appeared in Space & Time magazine, and she was selected to be published in the 2005 24-Hour Comics Day anthology. In addition to doing her artwork, Gynn is involved in animal rescue. She is a volunteer at the Cape Wildlife Center, and has adopted two special-needs cats.

Rick Silva

Rick Silva has been involved in small press publishing since his college days. He published and edited Kinships magazine. Along with his wife Gynn, Rick is a partner in Dandelion Studios, a small press comic book company. Rick co-writes the Dandelion Studios comics Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire and Perils of Picorna. He publishes his own zine, Caravan, and he is one of the featured contributors for the fiction webzine The Edge of Propinquity. Rick Silva grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, attended Cornell University, and currently teaches chemistry at a high school on Cape Cod, where he resides with his wife and two cats.

Zack Giallongo:

Mark Gonyea:

Lucy Knisley: Lucy Knisley is the author of the drawn travel journal "French Milk" from Simon and Schuster. She went to the Center for Cartoon Studies, and lives in Chicago. She is 24.

Dave Naybor: Dave is the creator of Walking Christendom.

Jennifer Omand: Jennifer is the creator of Squarecat Comics, an online diary comic that has run daily since 2003. It has been collected into two (so far) volumes.

Jay Piscopo: Jay is the creator of The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli from Nemo Publishing.

Joel Rivers: Joel is the creator of the Xeric Award winning comic series Along the Canadian.

Sarah Searle: Sarah has been making comics for five years in the Portland area and has recently begun self-publishing again. Check out her newest work at:

Christina Siravo:

Matt Talbot: Matt is the co-creator of the indy comic Johnny Raygun.

The Underburbs: Joe Haley and T.J. Dort are both graduates of Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA where they majored in illustration. The Underburbs, a tale of Halloween, montser worlds, and world domination, is their first comic series.

Jen Vaughn: Jen Vaughn is proud to attend the first Maine Comics Arts festival. As a transplanted Texan, she is enjoying her time at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. Stop by for a sketch or a copy of Supergrrrl Adventure Comix or her newest tiltle, 321.

More guests coming soon....

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