Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sponsors, promotion and updates

I hope to have some updates later this week. We have more creators bios to post, and some scheduling things to list. Here is what I have for tonight:

SPONSORS: We would like to thank our sponsors:

Inn on Peaks Island

Shipyard Brewing Company

Capt'n Eli's Soda

The Portland Phoenix

The Inn on Peaks Island will be hosting our opening reception for creators. More details on that soon. Shipyard and Capt'n Eli's will be providing beverages and lots of other support. Our thanks to them.

The festival will be promoted regionally with 4 full page ads in the Portland Phoenix. They have covered the comics scene here in Portland for many years.

Also, we have been scheduled tentatively as the cover story for the Portland Press Herald "GO" section the Thursday before the festival.

There are lots of other things in the works. Posters and cards are coming soon.


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Mike Lynch said...

Great to hear that you're getting business support like this, in these times, etc. Congrats!