Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exhibitor biographies part 3

Here are some more creator bios.

Mr.Oblivious and Strongarm Labs:

Mark Gonyea- I’ve always been a fan of silent storytelling. My intent is always to make a comic story that also works as a piece of art. I love trying to combine the flow of a story with the aesthetics of color, balance, shape and form. Some end up more art than story and others more story than art but that’s what makes each piece a unique experience. See more of my art at MrOblivious.com.

Sam Girdich- Sam Girdich and Mark Gonyea created Strongarm Labs in the summer of 2003. Together, Sam as writer and Mark as illustrator, they have created 7 books. The idea behind Strongarm Labs is always to tell good stories from a unique perspective. See more info on our books at strongarmlabs.com.

Everett Soares, the creator of Sky Pirates of Valendor, had been working on this concept for over 2 years, it truly did not come to life until he met Brian Brinlee, current penciler for the project. In December of 2006, the 2 were introduced. They started working on concept sketches and before they knew it, Everett's words came to life on Brian’s 11 x 17 art boards. In the process, Everett has also become versant on all things pirate and steampunk.
Four months and 8 pages later, they stumbled upon the chance of a lifetime, Small Press Idol. SPI is an American Idol-like competition for aspiring artists and creators. Everett entered the competition with work that he and Brian had done so far. What occurred over the following year was beyond any of their expectations!
Sky Pirates of Valendor finished the competition in 2nd Place. Shortly after the end of the competition, Free Lunch Comics extended an offer to publish Sky Pirates of Valendor, in a five-issue miniseries followed by a trade paperback that debuted in January 2010. Now fans have the opportunity to share in the joy and excitement of Sky Pirates of Valendor. Everett travels throughout the country promoting Sky Pirates. The entire team is very proud of their accomplishments and look forward to the future of Sky Pirates and their careers in the comic book industry.
Besides his work on Sky Pirates, Everett is stretching his writing skills through a variety of pending projects, working with a collection of very talented artists. Everett is an active member of the Comicbook Artists Guild and lives in Rhode Island with his wife and dog.

Cathy Leamy is a Boston-based cartoonist and the creator of the autobio/humor minicomic *Geraniums and Bacon*. Her anthology work includes pieces in *I Saw You?* and *The Girls' Guide to Guys' Stuff*. She is a member of Boston Comics Roundtable and has published stories in their anthology *Inbound*. Read more at her website: www.metrokitty.com

Charles Schneeflock Snow is the creator of the webcomic *Sordid City Blues* (www.sordidcityblues.com). He is a member of Boston Comics Roundtable and has published stories in the anthologies *Inbound* and *Secrets and Lies*. He lives in Somerville, MA.

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