Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alphabetical list of guests to date

Here is an alphabetical list (by first name) of guests at the festival to date. There will probably be a few more to add in the coming week as we still need some bios from a few people.

If you are a creator who is attending and you do not see your name on the list please e-mail me asap so that we can be sure we have your information. Also, please check your listing for spelling. Thanks!

Alex Irvine
Alexander Danner
Anne Sibley-O'Brien
Austin English
Aya Rothwell
Barry Corbett
Becky Cloonan
Ben Bishop
Brian Codagnone
Cathy Leamy
Chris Beckett
Chris Giarrusso
Christine Siravo
Christopher Mills
Chuck Forsman
Colleen Frakes
Corey Pandolph
Dan Flemming
Dane Martin
Daniel Mazur
Dave Naybor
David Jacobson
Franklin Einspruch
Gabrielle Bell
Greg Moutafis
Gynn Stella Silva
Hector Rodriguez
Hugh Tims
Jaime Garmendia
Jay Piscopo
Jeff Pert
Jeffrey Lok
Jennifer G Vaughn
Jennifer Ormand
Joe Haley
Joe Quinones
Joe Staton
Joel Rivers
Jon Chad
Joseph Lambert
Julia Wertz
Kean Soo
Lincoln Peirce
Lucy Knisley
Marek Bennett
Maris Wicks
Mark Gonyea
Mark Ricketts
Matt Ryan
Matthew Talbot
Melissa Mendes
Michael Connor
Mike Lynch
Nate Doyle
Norm Feuti
Rick Silva
Robyn Chapman
Ron LeBrasseur
Sam Costello
Sam Gaskin
Sarah Glidden
Sarah Searle
Steve Kanaras
Steve Kuster
Susan Soares
TJ Dort
Zack Giallongo

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