Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More guest updates:

Morgan Pielli: "Why hullo there, gents and ladies. Let me here tell you about the miracle of! Made from the rare brain-juice of the Morgan Pielli, just I say just a spoonful of this magnificent tincture will relieve all bodily ailments! Dun believe me? You sir, yes you, step lively now. You look to be plagued by gout and sorrow, am I correct suh? Indeed, just down a dollop of this wonder drug, and behold! I do believe he's a cured man! Saddle Sores! Black Lung! Shootist's Remorse! All can be elevated by the merest drops of!"

Joe Quinones is a freelance comic artist living in Somerville, Massachusetts (with Maris Wicks!!!). He has been breaking into the mainstream scene doing covers for Devil's Due and Boom! studios, as well as recent work for DC comics' now defunct Teen Titans Go title. Also, he is collaborating with writer Kurt Busiek on a Green Lantern story for the forthcoming Wednesday Comics series, due out this summer. He very much enjoys peanut butter-banana-chocolate smoothies. They're DELICIOUS. Check out more of Joe's work at

Maris Wicks lives in Somerville, Massachusetts (with Joe Quinones!!!) where she splits her time between drawing comics and teaching kids about marine invertebrates. She has had comics in the 2005 SPX Anthology, Project: Romantic and Superior Showcase #2 (both from Adhouse Books), and the upcoming Ghost Comics Anthology. Maris is currently working on a graphic novel (written by Jim Ottaviani) for First Second Books, as well as a collection of her autobiographical comics strips. See more of Maris' work at

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