Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exhibitor biographies part 5

Katie Diamond has been drawing comics since she was 9 years old. Since then, her comics have taken a turn for the best, and now focus on issues such as safe sex, sexuality, gender, and diversity. She coordinated a huge Sex Education Comic Book compilation among 30+ authors and illustrators; has several educational comic pamphlets floating around health centers across the country; has been published by the likes of the Phoenix; and will be published as part of the anthology "Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation" in book-form in the fall of this year. Learn more about Katie and her passion for brush-pens at

Hugh Tims is a native Mainer who has just recently set up shop in the country. That doesn't stop him from being a one-man self-publishing house though. Hugh Tims currently works mainly on two books Two Spirit Deal, an eclectic actioner mature comic with LGBT superheroes and Lightning Duck, the ecologically savvy kids comic with musically inclined animeople tm. When not spreading himself too thin, Hugh teaches yoga and likes to surf.

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