Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exhibitor biographies part 6

Maris Wicks is a maker of minicomics and stuffed animals. She is working on some big comics projects too!

Joe Quinones draws people in tights, mostly for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He loves peanut butter.

Dirk I. Tiede
Webcomics pioneer Dirk I. Tiede is the creator of the graphic novel series, "Paradigm Shift". In addition to print collections, he continues to serialize his comics online and is a founding contributor to premiere comics portal Modern Tales. His work is also showcased in the books "ToonArt: The Art of Digital Comics" and "Webcomics", and appears in the documentary "Adventures in Digital Comics". Hs work has also appeared on NBC's "Heroes". Dirk can be found at comic and anime shows around the country promoting his books. He relocated from Chicago to Boston's North Shore in 2008 where he continues to work as a professional cartoonist and freelance illustrator.

Jason Viola is the creator of the depressing webcomic "Herman the Manatee". He lives near Boston with his wife and cat.

Team Werewolf is Nick Patten, Penina Gal, Josh Rosen and Betsey Swardlick.

Heather Bryant is a Canadian ex-pat living in Rhode Island. She writes and illustrates the comic series "American, Eh?"and the webcomic "Cake Brat". Heather is currently finishing her children's book "Juniper Key and the Very Serious Girl", plus working on mini-comics about traveling in Japan with her mother.

Ron LeBrasseur
Boston cartoonist Ron LeBrasseur, known for his comics in the "Inbound" and "Potlach" anthologies, has been featured in several comics-related news stories lately. It turns out, he'd rather be rich than famous.

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